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Posted by Cher'ley on August 1, 2012 at 3:05 PM

Like chasing the elusive butterfly, (can't paste photos so imagine a purple butterfly on a purple flower ) so is marketing a novel. It's fun and beautiful, but extremely time consuming.  Many tips are tied up neatly in a book that must be purchased. I'm hoping to get some participation and collect some marketing tips that have been used or at least tried by some of my fellow authors. 

I will start with the obvious. Hit as many social media groups as you can. A list of Social Media sites are: Facebook, You Tube, Twitter, Yahoo Answers, Tagged, Linkedin, Pinterest, MySpace, Google+, and MyYearBook.  If you are active in all of those you are doing great. 

Another 50 can be found at the end of this link. 

Okay, now that you have a connection on each of the ...Let's say top 10, how many pages do you have on each one? Like I have a Facebook page, Facebook Home Page, a Facebook page for "Stamp Out Murder", a Facebook Fan Page, and a soon to come Facebook page for "The Secret in Grandma's Trunk". 

Work these links to the maxium and I'll see you next time. :P

 What are your suggestions for Marketing? 

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I am trying so hard to get my blogs and my book sites updated. I wrote a new blog for Stamp Out Murder  I also would like to post a link to Kindle edition of Stamp Out Murder  and here's the link to The Secret in Grandma's Trunk  and one more link for Fans of Cher'ley Grogg--Author and Friend 



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