Cher'ley's Creations

Art, Photos and Prose


A Girl With No Name

Alone my mother and I sat at my birth.

What shall she be called?

Asked the nurse with much mirth.

A girl child you have to love and to hold.

She must have a name she's three days old.


Her father's not here;

He's been in a collision.

Barely surviving with his life.

Her name, must and will be a decision,

We'll make as husband and wife.


My mother and father whispered,

Heads together sharing a mystery.

She must have a name without any history.

As light as the song of a bird,

A beautiful name that's never been heard.


She spoke as she gazed at her girl,

Placing her finger in a little curl.

She's as sweet as a cherry.

Her name must ring clearly. 

The perfect name is Cher'ley.



Christmas Haikus


Christmas is so near

The message is so clear

It is love not fear


O blessed bright night

Some people are full of fright

Show your holy light


Bah humbug Christmas

Commercialized to pieces

Should be revealing Jesus


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